Mabel – Boyfriend: testo e video ufficiale

Quando esce Boyfriend, il nuovo singolo di Mabel prima nuova pubblicazione dopo l’album di debutto “High Expectations”? La Radio Date è programmata per venerdì 6 marzo 2020. Di seguito video, testo e tutte le informazioni utili sulla nuova uscita discografica dell’artista.

Artista: Mabel

Titolo: Boyfriend

Album: nd

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Mabel – Boyfriend | Video

Mabel – Boyfriend | Testo

I’ve been looking for somebody, tryna kick it with somebody
I need a rude boy to tell me something sweet same time got his hands up on my body
I wanna get high when he take it low low, make me feel strong when I’m taking control
I’ve been looking for my shawty, so come and get it if you got it

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All my girls round the world I know you know what I mean, I get little sexy when I’m lonely
one thing on my mind, I know what I need
All my girls round the world, hands up and sing it with me
coz everything I got you know it’s all me, even though a man ain’t something I need

I wanna boyfriend, so put it on me
I’m looking for a man who can take that heat
Wanna boyfriend, but not too sweet,
My baby gotta be tough while he running that street
Is he ride or die?
I’ve been looking so long for a guy, to turn me on
I want a boyfriend
I want a boyfriend
I be looking like,
Where you at, where you at ?

LEGGI ANCHE  Mabel Tour 2020: concerto cancellato per il Coronavirus

I need you and me together
I ain’t looking for forever
I had so much stress from my ex to the next
Want you better, love me better
I need a bad boy that don’t bring me drama
He aint tryna roll when he get the
Boy you ready for the pleasure?
And don’t you know its now or never


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