Five Finger Death Punch – Inside Out: testo, video, uscita

Quando esce Inside Out, il nuovo singolo dei Five Finger Death Punch che anticipa il nuovo album “F8” la cui uscita è prevista per il prossimo 28 febbraio 2020? La Radio Date è programmata per lunedì 2 dicembre 2019. Di seguito video ufficiale, testo e tutte le informazioni utili sulla nuova uscita discografica dell’artista.

Artista: Five Finger Death Punch

Titolo: Inside Out

Album: F8

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Five Finger Death Punch – Inside Out | Video

Five Finger Death Punch – Inside Out | Testo

Take it I don’t need it
I don’t wanna hear your motherfuckin’ side
You can love it or you can leave it
Because nothing I say and nothing I feel is right

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Even if you wanted to you couldn’t understand
While I’m sitting up here dying, you’re just holding out your hand
And even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have explained
Cause you don’t know the difference between violence and pain

There’s no denying it, you’ve never had control

I stand alone
Guess I knew it all along
Yes I knew that you were wrong
How you left when I was down
I want you to say
It was never really me
You just turned and walked away
How you turned me inside out
Inside out

I’m not a dog, I’m not a slave
It doesn’t matter how much money I get paid
I give a shit, I never did
So you can wipe it away, that silly fuckin’ grin

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If I wrote it down for you, could you ever see it clear
Or would it go straight through your soul and come right out your ear
If I slowed it down for you, would you think me insincere
Cause in the end I’ll never bend, I’ll never shed a tear

There’s no denying it, I’ve always had control

I stand alone…

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